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What is Cyber Protection and Why we need it?

The modern world is digital. Every personal and business process is now conducted with data. Digital workloads have become mission-critical, and protecting the workloads is becoming more complicated. Protection becomes 5th basic human need, as important as other human needs.

Protecting Digital World Has Major Challenges. Digital Workloads are Mission Critical and Very Fragile.

The rapid growth of the number of systems and devices is driving complexity. From less than 50 billion devices now, the number of devices will grow to over 500 billion devices by 2030. Devices outside of the datacenters are harder to protect.

The growing amount of data, with just over 50 Zettabytes in 2020, growing to over 500 Zettabytes in 2030, drives an increase in the cost of storage, leading to the growing cost of protection. With growing costs, organizations are less likely to protect all data, applications and systems due to economic reasons.

Industrialization of cybercrime with criminals using AI to discover and exploit vulnerabilities, automation of attacks and availability of services designed to execute and orchestrate attacks puts IT infrastructure under constant security risks and increase the importance of protection.

Plans & Pricing - Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

Small Business

Acronis Cyber Protect

*per physical server per month

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Comprehensive cyber protection with limited backup features for any environment

  • All Important Features

  • File Backup

  • Backup to Acronis Cloud Storage

  • Anti-Malware & Ransomware Protection

  • Scanning & Vulnerability Assessment

  • 5GB Cloud Storage Included

Medium Business

Acronis Cyber Protect

*per physical server per month

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Complete data protection and cybersecurity for small and medium environments

  • All Important Features

  • Includes all Essential Features

  • +

  • File & Image Backup

  • Microsoft O365 Backup

  • G-Suite Backup

  • Microsoft Exchange Backup

  • Microsoft SQL Backup

  • Microsoft Sharepoint Backup

  • 100GB Cloud Storage Included


Acronis Cyber Protect

*per physical server per month

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Advanced data protection and cybersecurity for large IT environments

  • All Important Features

  • Includes all Standard Features

  • +

  • Advanced Features

  • Microsoft SQL & Exchange Cluster

  • Oracle DB & SAP HANA

  • Scan Backup for Malwares

  • Safe Recovery

  • Corporate Whitelist

  • Centralized Plans Management

  • 175GB Cloud Storage Included

Pricing Details
Per Physical Server Per Month ₹ 450
(Free 5GB Cloud Storage)
₹ 4,050
(Free 100GB Cloud Storage)
₹ 5,850
(Free 175GB Cloud Storage)
Per Virtual Machine Per Month ₹ 330
(Free 5GB Cloud Storage)
₹ 1,350
(Free 60GB Cloud Storage)
₹ 2,130
(Free 125GB Cloud Storage)
Per Workstation Per Month ₹ 225
(Free 5GB Cloud Storage)
₹ 825
(Free 50GB Cloud Storage)
₹ 1,125
(Free 75GB Cloud Storage)
Extra Cloud Storage Per GB ₹ 6 / GB ₹ 6 / GB ₹ 6 / GB
Local Storage Per GB N/A N/A N/A
Cyber Backup Features
Physical Server Backup Windows, Linux & Mac Windows, Linux & Mac Windows, Linux & Mac
Virtual Machines Backup VMware, Hyper-V, Virtuozzo, Citrix XenServer, RHEV, KVM, Oracle VM Server, Nutanix Acropolis VMware, Hyper-V, Virtuozzo, Citrix XenServer, RHEV, KVM, Oracle VM Server, Nutanix Acropolis VMware, Hyper-V, Virtuozzo, Citrix XenServer, RHEV, KVM, Oracle VM Server, Nutanix Acropolis
Cloud Instance Backup Amazon EC2, Azure VMs Amazon EC2, Azure VMs Amazon EC2, Azure VMs
File Level Backup
Image Based Backup
ESXi Configuration Backup
NAS/Shares Backup
Backup Window (Traffic Throattling)
Multi-Destination Backup (Backup Replication)
Incremental/Differential Backups
Archive Compression
Backup validation (checksums)
Retention Rules
Blockchain Backup Notarization
Microsoft O365 ?
G Suite
Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft SQL
Microssoft SharePoint
Microsoft SQL Cluster
Microsoft Exchange Cluster
Oracle DB
Network Share Backup
Backup Options (Backup Window, Multi-Destination, Retention Period) Limited
Backup to Local Storage
Backup to Any Cloud Storage (G-Drive or One-Drive)
Date Protection Map
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Storage Supported
Acronis Cyber Cloud Storage Acronis Self DataCenter (Singapore), Azure Hosted DataCenter (Chennai, India) Acronis Self DataCenter (Singapore), Azure Hosted DataCenter (Chennai, India) Acronis Self DataCenter (Singapore), Azure Hosted DataCenter (Chennai, India)
Fastest Recovery Options
Granular Recovery
Bare-Metal Recovery (BMR)
BMR to Dissimilar Hardware (Universal Restore), P2V, V2P, P2P, V2V ?
Full-Image and File-Level Recovery
Acronis Universal Restore
Acronis Instant Restore
Acronis vmFlashback
Remote Recovery
Any-to-Any Migration
Self-Service Recovery Web Console
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Cyber Security Features
Ransomware and Cryptojacking Protection
Antivirus & Antimalware Protection
Exploit Prevention
URL Filtering & Categorization
Windows Defender Antivirus Management
Microsoft Security Essentials Management
Threat Feed
Remote Device Wipe
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Check Cyberfit Score
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Forensic Mode
Scan Backup for Malwares
Safe Recovery of the Backup
Corporate Whitelist
Auto-Discovery (Network-Based and AD-Based Machines AutoDiscovery)
Vulnerability assessment (VA)
Patch Management (PM)
Fail-Safe Patching: Backup Endpoint Before Installing Patches
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Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)
Group Management of Devices
Centralized Plans Management
Dashboards and Reports
HDD Drive Health Monitoring
Remote Desktop and Remote Assistance
Software and Hardware Inventory
Script Execution
Two-Factor Authentication
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Recovery Management
Workstation Image Backup Without History
Startup Recovery Manager
Clean-Up Tools
Cyber Protected Desktop
Forensic Manager
OS and Application Events with Performance Audit Logging
Hardware Performance and Change Audit Logging
Service Level Reporting
Cyber Protection Customer Report
Help & Support
24/7 Human support
Instant response over phone/chat ?
Ticketing Support
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Account Setup & Onboarding
Instant Account Setup 1 Minute 1 Minute 1 Minute
Simple Onboarding
Online Training Materials & Documentation
Free Trial Available 15 Days Free Trial 15 Days Free Trial 15 Days Free Trial
Payment Methods
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Cyber Protect Cloud - Key Features & Use Cases

With one stop integrated solution, you can eliminate any gaps in your IT infrastructure and endpoint protection, decrease incident volume, and minimize incident response times


Simplified Onboarding

Discover all devices that require protection and remotely install just one agent (instead of many) for anti-malware, backup, remote desktop, patch, etc


Zero-Day Malware and Ransomware Protection

Get industry-leading, AI-based Acronis Active Protection that’s been extended with a static analyzer plus behavioral analysis


Compliance and forensic investigations

Offer services to industries with high compliance requirements – Acronis equips you with image-based backups and forensic data like free space, memory dump, etc.


Better SLAs

Keep and improve availability KPIs for clients with proactive, active and reactive cyber protection in place


Post Malware-Attack Recovery

Lower the risk of reinfection and minimize recovery operations with anti-malware scans of backups in centralized locations and ability to install latest patches and malware definitions during recovery

Centralized Patching

Protect all client software (not just Microsoft) and cover all clients using one multitenant tool.

Auto-Response to Emerging Threats

Adjust the scope and the schedule of backups or anti-malware scans based on real-time alerts from Acronis Cyber Protection Operation Centers.

Minimal Planned and Unplanned downtime.

Streamline maintenance routines and gain proactive protection, including: hard drive health checks, ontime patches and regular vulnerability assessments, plus real-time improved Acronis Active Protection.

FAQ - Commonly Asked Questions

Acronis Active Protection is an anti-ransomware technology developed by Acronis to bring peace of mind to its users, in addition to its world's leading backup, data protection and disaster recovery technologies.

It is a malicious software that encrypts data, effectively stealing it from you, and requires you paying a ransom for deciphering and returning you access to it. See our video demonstration how it looks like and how you can protect yourself from it:

Acronis Active Protection does not need to wait for virus signatures updates to be able to detect the new and unknown ransomware programs. You gain protection from zero-day attacks.

A dedicated module of Acronis Active Protection takes care of your backups specifically, keeping them safe from unwanted deletion or alteration by malicious software.

After the attack is blocked, all the encrypted files are automatically restored. Automatic data recovery is possible thanks to Acronis' unique on-the-fly backup and recovery technology. The majority of other security software only stop the attack, without automatically recovering the ciphered data.

You can have a third-party security product running in parallel with Acronis Active Protection. They do not conflict with each other for resources and do not create an extra overhead on the system.

Active Protection in Acronis True Image: Windows 7 and newer, Mac OS X 10.10.5 Yosemite and newer.

Active Protection in Acronis Backup software: PCs with Windows 7 and newer are supported. Servers running Microsoft Server 2008 R2 and newer are supported.

Files on internal and external disks are protected, including HDD, SSD, hybrid disks, RAID, external USB disks, USB pendrives, RDX drives (starting with Update 2) and other locally-attached storage devices. Acronis True Image 2019 and 2020 can also protect network shares and NAS devices.
Data in Acronis Cloud is protected by blocking injections into our processes that communicate with Acronis Cloud. All other kinds of Clouds are not covered by Acronis Active Protection. Protection of files stored in shared folders and NAS has been implemented in Acronis True Image 2019 and later versions.